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Bucket List Brigade Travel Club

I love where I live.

I also love visiting other places to feel the differences in the energy of that place and to feel who I am when I'm there.

I went to Costa Rica last year and found the land sensual and powerfully alive. Maybe it was the freshness of the river I swam in as gazed in awe at water falling from hundreds of feet above and felt the life force in the jungle that held us in its palm. I found the people of Costa Rica to be mostly open hearted and welcoming, eager to connect. I fell in love. 

I want to go back to Costa Rica, and I want to explore many other places on this wonderful planet. I just can't decide where to go next. I want to travel with folks I like, people who also want to explore the sacred and the sensual and make friends.

I'm working on my Bucket List. What's on yours? What in the world would YOU like to do. Would like to be a member of my Brigade? 


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