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Story Making

Years ago I returned from a vision quest on Mt. Shasta with sensations swirling, emotions raw and charged. I could feel my energy field rearranging, even the cells in my body.  I called Woody. Woody Bailey was a wonderful man of mostly Apache heritage, who held the tribal office of  storyteller. His job was to listen to the details of someone’s experience, see the greater picture, and give back to them in story form the cosmic view of their experience.


Shortly before he died, Woody laid on my shoulders the astral version of the eagle feather cape that was his mantel of office. Woody’s spirit stands with me now, urging me to speak. (Thanks, Woody.)  I hesitated to throw more words at the cosmos until I felt sure of what I had to say. What I see is that often we do not recognize the work we are doing or know what it looks like when our everyday lives are transforming. That’s why I am willing to share with you the stories that are changing me. Why would you care? To find insights for your own life. To recognize the work that you are already doing. To feel connected in your process. To remember that the field of which we are all a part feels my breath and your laughter as one. To own who you are. To relax into life, make it come alive, be yourself alive in it.


Some of my posts will be poems, because poetry is the condensed emotion of experience. Writing is for many of us a spiritual practice. It’s wonderful to awaken to knowing that you are in the middle of your life’s work, to feel joy greet you with the tender fingers of pink and gold dawn that caress the shoulders of the mountain outside your window. Your landscape may look different, but you will know you are close when you feel the energy pulling you toward your vision. You will enjoy more synchronicity, those wonderful “coincidences” that remind you of the cosmic love that wants us to be true to yourself. You will feel a passion that draws you not-quite-but-almost effortlessly to tasks that mold the story of who you are into expression. More of your days will glow, and you will notice the colors and textures of light and how each intensifies all your interactions. 


I want these to be nuggets of gold to enrich your life simply by sharing mine.  May blessings abound.

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