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Barbara Snow

Words are powerful. Words are the seeds of thoughts and thoughts are the seeds of creating what will happen in the next moment and the moments that follow. In the beginning was the word...

Words are also fun. Choosing words that make you feel good, that make others feel good around you, and that reflect your heart is a spiritual practice. Writing as a spiritual practice helps you organize your thoughts (and then your world) and shows you what's real for you. When you look at what you say, or at what you almost say and then change your mind about, you learn a lot about yourself. That information can go a long way toward helping you become who you want to be.

Why I'm Moving to Ecuador

Why I'm Moving to Ecuador

Those who know what a wonderful life I have in Colorado want to know why I am moving to Ecuador. The reasons are many:

1.        Insistent Personal Guidance – For a few years now I have felt a strong, energetic pull and the sense that I need to be in Ecuador. This is consistent with my guidance to move from Texas where I grew up and married to California and 27 years later from California to Colorado. 

       Affordability – inflation is not hitting Ecuador as hard as it is the U.S. and although I am a truly gifted at living well frugally, the cost to live well in Ecuador is about half what it is for me now stateside;

       Mild climate – it’s wonderful to be comfortable outside year round, while this year again Colorado has experienced intense and long-lasting cold, high winds and storms that made going out an adventure. 

      Wonderful people – I find the Ecuadorean people to be warm, open-hearted, available, and interested.  In the 9 weeks I was there this winter, I made deep, wonderful friendships that I will always treasure. I am equally blessed with many wonderful friendships in the States. Now I want to bring all my friends together. I hereby accept the nomination to be Ambassador of Friendship wherever I am.

       Glorious Nature – the mountains and forests where I live in Colorado are vibrant and breathtakingly beautiful. I have a fierce and reverent relationship with Nature here. We having a running conversation that teaches and nurtures me. She restores and refreshes everyone who comes here. Nature in Ecuador is another aspect of this planet I adore, Pachamama. Pacha is “world;” Mama is “Mother.” In Ecuador She is a different kind of lush, dramatic and fiercely alive. There, I’m told, the mountains look like Hawaii without the ocean or Switzerland without the snow caps. I just see magnificence. I also see coastline with hills and palm trees and warm waves to play or surf in. I feel my own life force flowing stronger and freer there. I’m “youngering.”

      Culture – Artistically Ecuador, specifically Cuenca, feels to me like San Francisco’s Mission District did when I attended New College of California there in the 1990’s – expanding, exploring, excited about every artistic experiment, curious and supportive. All around are visual art, performance art, music, improv, symphony, written and spoken word, dance. I prefer the small, intimate venues instead of a stadium with TV screens. I like being an interesting fish in a small-but-lovely pond.

       Health – It’s a natural part of living in Ecuador to eat fresh food, walk instead of drive around town, hang out more with friends, enjoy naps and leisurely living, attend free or low cost social events and entertainment.  The elements for physical health are readily available – along with excellent, inexpensive health care. The energetic and emotional shields that surround people stateside are rare in Ecuador. People connect directly instead of through digital gadgets and love easily.


I am expanding my experience of beauty and connection. I have let go of the fear that no other place could be as beautiful, that no other people could be as loving, that who I have been is all I can ever be. I have embraced a journey that is uniquely mine, and because mine is so rich and wonderful, I want you to live your authentic passion, too. Then we are loving and harmonious aspects of each other and way happier living in harmony with ourselves and each other. So come along for the ride. Be inspired and encouraged by my journey to engage joyfully with your own.


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