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Why write?

One of my tasks this year as I focus on writing is to remember that I’m doing this for the process of deepening. I’m not expecting to become rich or famous (except for a tiny flicker of hope that my ego hides as soon as I look that way). Fame and riches are unlikely in light of competition, complexity and capability. The process of writing, however, is itself rich. It makes me dig deeper into what’s true and refine both the thoughts and the words used to express them.


Sometimes I don’t want to look within that intensely or own what I find. That’s actually a good thing; the awkward struggle for authentic expression is a conscious conversation with myself. When I find the right words, something inside me bursts into song.

Is this true? Hmmm. Not quite. There’s something more. What if… Ah, yes, that’s it.


And the arc of the poem drapes across the page like a rainbow, or the heroine in the story laughs over her shoulder as she takes off in a totally different direction.

Rich and famous. I’m already rich in comfort and connection. Famous? I feel famous when a handful of friends find my work meaningful. To see first-hand how people respond to my words is magical. Anything else is icing.

Generally, writing is like integrity. It has to be its own reward.



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