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How can it get better than this?

This statement is an invitation to the Universe to show how it CAN get better than this. It inherently includes acknowledgment of great moments - noticing and gratitude. It invites Unlimited Imagination to invent new delights.

We can be so programmed that we go automatically to “It can’t get better than this!” as an acknowledgment of great moments. Wrong. Of course you say that in jest, but Unlimited Imagination has to live by what you proclaim and turns away sadly, disappointed, having so wanted to give you more.

For example: Its early on a chill, cloudy Wednesday morning in Cuenca. No place to be until noon. I’m awake, thinking, snuggling against Ron’s back. I get up to pee and head back for the warm covers and my MacAir on the floor beside the bed. I start chasing the thoughts and words running around my head. I’m having fun. Ron turns over and lays his hand on my leg. I smile. How can it get better than this?

Two hours later I have followed some trains of thought to interesting diversions and have notes of the process. Some of the inner pressure is relieved. Hmmm. Didn’t know that was there until it was relieved. The clouds have lifted and sun is streaming in through the east window of our bedroom. How can it get better than this?

I don’t know but based on what I have experienced of Unlimited Imagination’s capacity, I will like it.



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