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The Right Questions

My friend Raju commented on the “How can it get better than this?” discussion.

 My reflections are the insertion of "How" at the start of the question.  Without it, it is an open ended wonderment as to "Can it?" , or even a disbelief (really?).  Whereas, with "How", it feels like an invitation for the situation to get juicier than what perception believes it already is!

I often get stuck with asking the wrong question and getting little or no response and, consequently the result or lack thereof.  I need to pay attention to the inner dialogue and phrase the question correctly.  For this, I need training, or re-training…..

Wise observations, Raju. How we phrase a question is critical. We can create bias or confusion with our words. If we want genuine answers, we don’t want bias or confusion. Additionally, we refine our questions by tuning into our inner dialogue - our story. The story stirs our emotions.

Think about these facts:

 "We don’t know, what we don’t know" & "The truth is just the truth."

 We don’t know what we don’t know” speaks of innocence and ignorance. Reality shifts dramatically with additional information. Wisdom is learning to structure questions that elicit trustworthy information.

The truth is just the truth” invites you to refuse judgments. Without assigning “right or wrong,” we have greater clarity on what needs to happen next.

 See the subtlety and the potential power our thoughts have? Consciousness creates thought. Thought creates language. Language creates reality. 





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