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I look out of the window at lush eucalyptus forest marching up the steep hillside. The waters of the Yanuncay are loud against the rocks after heavy rains. The trees on this side of the river path have silver dollar leaves that flutter in the wind. It’s exquisite and nourishing. I am deeply connected to this land.


This feeling of connection calls to mind another place I love, my little home in the Colorado Rockies with the sweeping view of peaks and pastures. I named it Paradise. I arrived there grieving my father’s death. With my heart broken open, I was sensitive enough to recognize the love of Nature as it flowed into and through me in a new way. I healed. I surrendered to awe at the magnificence around me and the magnitude of the mystery. My relationship with the natural world, always a priority in my life, blossomed and I knew more joy.

Change must always come because energy can’t be still. Even as I was living in Paradise I knew that someday I would have to move on. Perhaps in the field of Being, staying present to the full beauty of the moment reactivates the vibration of previous precious moments. Homesickness is a form of grief that also defines for the Universe the essence of what is desired, a sort of template.  The best way to heal homesickness is to create another Paradise. Paradise, Too. Ahhhh. I accept the invitation of this fecund field of possibilities.




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