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Reminding Myself

Sometimes when I reread things I’ve written, I snort in disgust and delete. Other times I pause in gratitude. I wrote the following in November 2013. I am grateful to be reminded.


See all the lovely activities below? Stop now to glance over them, then come back here.

They are not Who I Am. They are things I've learned to do in response to my personal search for Who I Am and my heart's longing to see people whole and the earth returned to her pristine glory.

As powerful as what I do is Who I am Being. I am learning to live in expanded awareness of everything around me. The more I invest in sensing, the more information pours in. The more I listen in silence and solitude, the more my heart lightens and expands and the corners of my mouth curl up. These things are important in my process, but they are the Result of Who I Am, not the Definitions.

~ Author of thoughts to inspire and encourage: blog, poetry, essays and fiction.

~ Energetic Facilitator: 1:1 sessions in which your soul does its work supported by tools I've learned from Inka shamanism, kriya yoga tantra, and cross-cultural spirituality.

~ Ceremonialist co-creating sacred play that will direct appropriate energy to aspects of our live in transition. Ceremony alone is powerful. Ceremony with others is essential.


It is great fun living this way. Like Byron Katie, I find myself watching what I do  as I live from truth rather than mind. Such childlike curiosity gives life a glow. That glow I recognize as the Light that constantly infuses life. It's just Ordinary Enlightenment.




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