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Poor Mind

You know so much but never enough. Never the ultimate answers to the questions whose answers come and go like the snake swallowing its tail. Truths lost – or stolen – seem somehow always to resurface. How is it that after resurfacing, they somehow fade again?

It’s comforting to stop trying to understand what Mind cannot wrap itself around it. One can only grow to the next level of vision. Then One has to live it, put roots down into it, feel its shape around you, let your Self form its response to your new environment. Grieve the necessary losses. Claim the gains. Allow the process to shape and mold you as you consciously align with the light tingles in your body that guide you.

Your body is your friend, you know. It’s the antennae through which your soul picks up signals. Whoever started the human war against its body knew that such separation from Source would send us wandering in search of what we didn’t know we’d lost. In the end all we have to do is sit down and be still. The Voice wants us to hear it, wants to support us in writing the story we want to live. The waves of love are palpable. Take the time. Build the relationship. Be brave enough to engage. Otherwise, why bother being here?





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