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After a busy day, I plop on the bed, sag against the pillows, burrow under the covers. Ahhhh. I can let go of the day. I pick up my Kindle or my Mac Air, read and write until fog blankets my mind. Then I flick off the light, turn on my side and wait to slide into sleep. And wait. And wait. Then I notice the tension. My jaw is tight and my teeth press against each other. I let the tension in my face melt, then find it in my shoulders. I focus on releasing my entire body, melting into the mattress, then find my face has tightened up again. My body is so used to being on the alert and ready to go that relaxing is an unnatural state that I actually have to pursue. It’s a valuable exercise in consciousness to invite, perhaps even seduce, our bodies into letting go.

We learned in a class at New College of California how powerful it is to pretend to be dead - to become as still and limp as possible, releasing all the body’s energy and impetus to move. I watched our instructor, a gifted professional dancer, as she lay on the floor and her body’s life force appeared to melt into the boards. It was gradual but discernible, harder than you might think. Pure energy management.

Experiment. Lie down and practice letting all your muscles go limp. Even without sleep, you will arise refreshed.




Poor Mind

You know so much but never enough. Never the ultimate answers to the questions whose answers come and go like the snake swallowing its tail. Truths lost – or stolen – seem somehow always to resurface. How is it that after resurfacing, they somehow fade again?

It’s comforting to stop trying to understand what Mind cannot wrap itself around it. One can only grow to the next level of vision. Then One has to live it, put roots down into it, feel its shape around you, let your Self form its response to your new environment. Grieve the necessary losses. Claim the gains. Allow the process to shape and mold you as you consciously align with the light tingles in your body that guide you.

Your body is your friend, you know. It’s the antennae through which your soul picks up signals. Whoever started the human war against its body knew that such separation from Source would send us wandering in search of what we didn’t know we’d lost. In the end all we have to do is sit down and be still. The Voice wants us to hear it, wants to support us in writing the story we want to live. The waves of love are palpable. Take the time. Build the relationship. Be brave enough to engage. Otherwise, why bother being here?





Reminding Myself

Sometimes when I reread things I’ve written, I snort in disgust and delete. Other times I pause in gratitude. I wrote the following in November 2013. I am grateful to be reminded.


See all the lovely activities below? Stop now to glance over them, then come back here.

They are not Who I Am. They are things I've learned to do in response to my personal search for Who I Am and my heart's longing to see people whole and the earth returned to her pristine glory.

As powerful as what I do is Who I am Being. I am learning to live in expanded awareness of everything around me. The more I invest in sensing, the more information pours in. The more I listen in silence and solitude, the more my heart lightens and expands and the corners of my mouth curl up. These things are important in my process, but they are the Result of Who I Am, not the Definitions.

~ Author of thoughts to inspire and encourage: blog, poetry, essays and fiction.

~ Energetic Facilitator: 1:1 sessions in which your soul does its work supported by tools I've learned from Inka shamanism, kriya yoga tantra, and cross-cultural spirituality.

~ Ceremonialist co-creating sacred play that will direct appropriate energy to aspects of our live in transition. Ceremony alone is powerful. Ceremony with others is essential.


It is great fun living this way. Like Byron Katie, I find myself watching what I do  as I live from truth rather than mind. Such childlike curiosity gives life a glow. That glow I recognize as the Light that constantly infuses life. It's just Ordinary Enlightenment.





I look out of the window at lush eucalyptus forest marching up the steep hillside. The waters of the Yanuncay are loud against the rocks after heavy rains. The trees on this side of the river path have silver dollar leaves that flutter in the wind. It’s exquisite and nourishing. I am deeply connected to this land.


This feeling of connection calls to mind another place I love, my little home in the Colorado Rockies with the sweeping view of peaks and pastures. I named it Paradise. I arrived there grieving my father’s death. With my heart broken open, I was sensitive enough to recognize the love of Nature as it flowed into and through me in a new way. I healed. I surrendered to awe at the magnificence around me and the magnitude of the mystery. My relationship with the natural world, always a priority in my life, blossomed and I knew more joy.

Change must always come because energy can’t be still. Even as I was living in Paradise I knew that someday I would have to move on. Perhaps in the field of Being, staying present to the full beauty of the moment reactivates the vibration of previous precious moments. Homesickness is a form of grief that also defines for the Universe the essence of what is desired, a sort of template.  The best way to heal homesickness is to create another Paradise. Paradise, Too. Ahhhh. I accept the invitation of this fecund field of possibilities.




The Right Questions

My friend Raju commented on the “How can it get better than this?” discussion.

 My reflections are the insertion of "How" at the start of the question.  Without it, it is an open ended wonderment as to "Can it?" , or even a disbelief (really?).  Whereas, with "How", it feels like an invitation for the situation to get juicier than what perception believes it already is!

I often get stuck with asking the wrong question and getting little or no response and, consequently the result or lack thereof.  I need to pay attention to the inner dialogue and phrase the question correctly.  For this, I need training, or re-training…..

Wise observations, Raju. How we phrase a question is critical. We can create bias or confusion with our words. If we want genuine answers, we don’t want bias or confusion. Additionally, we refine our questions by tuning into our inner dialogue - our story. The story stirs our emotions.

Think about these facts:

 "We don’t know, what we don’t know" & "The truth is just the truth."

 We don’t know what we don’t know” speaks of innocence and ignorance. Reality shifts dramatically with additional information. Wisdom is learning to structure questions that elicit trustworthy information.

The truth is just the truth” invites you to refuse judgments. Without assigning “right or wrong,” we have greater clarity on what needs to happen next.

 See the subtlety and the potential power our thoughts have? Consciousness creates thought. Thought creates language. Language creates reality. 






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