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2012 Conversations

As I struggled to manage the discomfort and energetic turmoil of the last few months, I inquired of friends what they were experiencing. The eagerness I encountered to talk about our individual and collective process  turned into a Divine Compulsion to invite broader conversations. I issued the following invitation:

 2012 ~ Free ~ Conversations on How to Make the Most of the Current Chaos

“I’m completely at peace. Whatever happens on December 21st, happens.” The person speaking is an effective, mature, spiritually evolved individual – who is frequently hampered by severe and inexplicable head and neck pain. Our minds may be at peace but our bodies remind us we are human.


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The Vision Approaches

I have joined a cadre of beautiful people to become Social Entrepreneurs. I'm calling us Ryan's Renegades, because we are working with Ryan Eliason and because we're rewiring the paradigm. We are all healers or creatives who are as passionate about Earth and her prospects as we are about the ways we serve. We dream big and we strive to follow our soul’s guidance. Now we have committed to dreaming bigger and to becoming who we need to be in that fulfillment. We’ve committed that no one wins unless everyone wins. Consequently, I’m revisiting my visions and my dreams.


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The Process Is the Purpose

My reasons for starting a blog were three-fold.

1.      First, recording my personal experience of expansion during this wonderful time of The Great Birthing anchors it in my psyche. I love sharing what I’ve learned and how I’m blessed with my current state of happiness.

2.      Second, it can stimulate your thinking about what your expansion looks like. I suggest that you are further along than you think, and I’d like to help you see the signs in everyday life. Here are great big juicy kudos!

3.      And third, as we all Become our best selves, we make our immediate worlds better, which inspires our friends and neighbors and then their friends and neighbors and before you know it, lots of things are better and our New World is squirming its way through the birth canal.


We live in a holographic world, so my expansion facilitates your expansion and yours helps me in the purest form of collaboration.  My Mayan sister Magdala taught me the phrase “In Lakesh,” which means “I am your other you.” I’m learning to cooperate with this process and how to language it. Your comments will be helpful, so please participate in the conversation.


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Why Shamanism?

When my spiritual path turned to shamanism in 1999, I had no prior exposure to any form of indigenous spirituality. I struggled. What is a WASP from Texas doing studying Peruvian curanderismo?  I only knew that the practices provided comfort, direction and a sense of returning to myself. In the years since, a huge flowering has taken place among sophisticated, mostly white, affluent people who show up at cross-cultural gatherings around the country and undertake spiritual pilgrimages to the Andes and other sacred sites throughout the Americas. Why? What lack are native traditions filling?


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After a Year of Being an Orphan

The death of our parents is a huge event. Only then do the energy chords that first defined us dissolve and we are once again in a womb, but this time, one of our own making. I didn’t know this until I became an orphan, although I lived thousands of miles from my parents for nearly three decades. I didn’t feel it as much after Mother died, but the first year after Daddy died, I felt keenly the loss of the energetic platform. Partly it was what I resisted in order to define myself. Partly it was safety, home, a point of connection. It felt chaotic, confusing, scary.  And I experienced an ongoing eruption of creativity. The process appears to be a kind of soul retrieval,  parts of myself lost along the way that are blossoming. Dissolution of my old world has fueled exploration of my new one: the space within myself.  Authenticity is addictive. There is a thrill – an actual physical experience of resonance - when you do what you deeply love.   You can feel it and you can hear a cosmic click when you follow the pulls in your belly.

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