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How can it get better than this?

This statement is an invitation to the Universe to show how it CAN get better than this. It inherently includes acknowledgment of great moments - noticing and gratitude. It invites Unlimited Imagination to invent new delights.

We can be so programmed that we go automatically to “It can’t get better than this!” as an acknowledgment of great moments. Wrong. Of course you say that in jest, but Unlimited Imagination has to live by what you proclaim and turns away sadly, disappointed, having so wanted to give you more.

For example: Its early on a chill, cloudy Wednesday morning in Cuenca. No place to be until noon. I’m awake, thinking, snuggling against Ron’s back. I get up to pee and head back for the warm covers and my MacAir on the floor beside the bed. I start chasing the thoughts and words running around my head. I’m having fun. Ron turns over and lays his hand on my leg. I smile. How can it get better than this?

Two hours later I have followed some trains of thought to interesting diversions and have notes of the process. Some of the inner pressure is relieved. Hmmm. Didn’t know that was there until it was relieved. The clouds have lifted and sun is streaming in through the east window of our bedroom. How can it get better than this?

I don’t know but based on what I have experienced of Unlimited Imagination’s capacity, I will like it.



Managing the urgent

Five days into the New Year and the holiday glamour is almost gone. Visioning, dreaming, manifesting – great. But what about the hard stuff: the beloved friend in the hospital still undiagnosed, credit card bills coming in, and work projects demanding time and attention? What about the weird energy Monday that left you and everyone around you off balance the entire day? What about lost debit cards and flat tires – and all the ways life can go awry. How do you hold the vision then?

You don’t try to. You let go and stay present to everything. You feel the frustration, disappointment, and fear. It’s uncomfortable, but it’s part of the process and essential to minimize damage and function effectively. Emotions are not good or bad. They are information, powerful energy that affects our whole system. Emotional charge turns our story from black and white to Technicolor.

Yes, watch the movie, all the way to the end. See if you can identify any illusions. Sometimes there aren’t any.  We must stay with the emotional process until it is done with us. By listening to our emotions, we see more clearly how the story impacts us and whether there is something we need to do. When we honor and process our emotions intentionally, we become clear about what needs to happen next. Then, when things quiet down a bit, we can go back to that dream and feel it all over again. It’s all part of the process. 




Welcome to my world


I live in the multiverse. In addition to ordinary reality just like everybody, I live and work within parallel realities. My communications with plants, animals, ancestors, guides and angels inform my perceptions and actions. They provide comfort through a strong sense of connection. They provide clarity about who I am this time and how to fulfill the soul tasks I have undertaken. Let my reality be one of your alternate realities through my words.

After being in my world for a bit, you’ll be refreshed, perhaps energized. I hope you will think about your own stories and claim the story you want to live. Don’t be afraid of the Boogy Man.* The Future you dream wants you, too. This is how to manifest.

Feel yourself - once in a while - inside the context you want to create - for just a few moments every now and then. What and who is around you? What do you see, hear and feel? How are you different?


When you return to ordinary reality, you can feel that future pulling you into it, showing you how and why you changed to become that person. You became more authentically you, maybe a part of you still undiscovered. Do the next small thing and feel the momentum building.

Isn’t this fun!  


*That’s not actually the Boogy Man. That’s my sweetie with one of the masks we didn’t burn on New Year’s Eve. Your boogy man is just as flimsy!

Why write?

One of my tasks this year as I focus on writing is to remember that I’m doing this for the process of deepening. I’m not expecting to become rich or famous (except for a tiny flicker of hope that my ego hides as soon as I look that way). Fame and riches are unlikely in light of competition, complexity and capability. The process of writing, however, is itself rich. It makes me dig deeper into what’s true and refine both the thoughts and the words used to express them.


Sometimes I don’t want to look within that intensely or own what I find. That’s actually a good thing; the awkward struggle for authentic expression is a conscious conversation with myself. When I find the right words, something inside me bursts into song.

Is this true? Hmmm. Not quite. There’s something more. What if… Ah, yes, that’s it.


And the arc of the poem drapes across the page like a rainbow, or the heroine in the story laughs over her shoulder as she takes off in a totally different direction.

Rich and famous. I’m already rich in comfort and connection. Famous? I feel famous when a handful of friends find my work meaningful. To see first-hand how people respond to my words is magical. Anything else is icing.

Generally, writing is like integrity. It has to be its own reward.



On Being a Writer

Writing today is so different from everything that has come before. The process itself has morphed from quill pens and ink - Have you ever seen a quill pen? Where does ink come from? – that require close attention to making marks on paper to computers that can put thousands of words into the ethers in a fraction of the time. We’ve moved from hand copying writings to the printing press to thousands of books a day. Does the world need more words? What about information overload?


What if the value of writing, especially for the web, is more than ever not only about sharing thoughts or a good story? What if it’s about the process of writing for the individual writer – about thoughtful soul searching for a nugget that enlivens and enriches writer and reader alike?

For 2016, I and 11 other Wise Women have accepted the challenge to blog daily for a year. These posts must be like sound-bytes: brief and meaningful. I will learn how discipline and finding the right words grows me. I want to see how Reflections on my processes of living enliven and enrich others.

This is your personal invitation to observe and participate in the conversation – even occasionally – to share where the value lies for you. And I will share how your participation helps me.


Happy 2nd day of 2016!


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